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EDEN Pilot Survey Receives Telescope Time

December 23, 2017

EDEN Launch

June 8, 2017

Jose Perez Chavez

EDEN Undergraduate Student, Data Reduction Team

UA Astronomy/Astrobiology Undergraduate Student

Kerst Kingsbury

UA Undergraduate Student, EDEN Observations Team

University of Arizona Mining Engineering and Planetary Science undergraduate student

Allie Mousseau

EDEN Astronomy Student

Astronomy student at The University of Arizona, and member of the EDEN Targets Team

David Osip

Steering Committee Member

Associate Director of Las Campanas Observatory and Astronomer at the Carnegie Observatories

Daniel Apai

EDEN Founder

Associate Professor of Astronomy and Planetary Sciences at The University of Arizona. Apai's blog ( covers news and thoughts related to exoplanet exploration and astrobiology.

Benjamin Rackham

EDEN Graduate Student

Astronomy graduate student at the Steward Observatory of The University of Arizona.

Alex Bixel

EDEN Graduate Student

Astronomy graduate student and NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow at the Steward Observatory of the University of Arizona.

Andres Jordan

Steering Committee member

EDEN Steering Committee Member and Associate Professor of Astronomy at the Pontific University, Chile.

Paul Gabor

Steering Committee member

Astronomer and Vice Directory of the Vatican Observatory Research Group.

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